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As April kicks off in Pennsylvania, the days (and long nights) of boiling sap into pure Pennsylvania maple are drawing to an end. As producers are cleaning evaporators and shutting up the sugar house, we would like to offer a thank you to everyone...

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There are many different kinds of trees in the Pennsylvania’s forests, but the sweetest tree in Pennsylvania is the sugar maple. The sap from this tree is used to make pure maple syrup. Sugar maple trees are unique to North America and grow naturally only in the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. This makes maple syrup a very special product that we get from Pennsylvania forests.

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2024 PA Tapping Ceremony

2024 PA Tapping Ceremony

The Pennsylvania Maple Syrup Producers Council is excited to announce that the very first PA…

USDA ACER research project seeks producers as collaborators

UM ACER research project flyer University of Michigan seeks maple producers to participate in a…

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