Pennsylvania Maple Syrup Producers Council

River Valley Maple Producers Association


President – Mary Plasterer

Shade Stone Farm Box 23
Beaver Springs, PA. 17812
Ph: 570-238-3216

2022 Vice President – Brett Ford

Mill Road Maple, 1197 Mill Road
Harrisonville, PA 17228
Ph: (717) 485-9180 Cell (717) 491-3641


Judd Buckwalter

821 Union School Road

Mount Joy, PA 17552

Ph: 717-371-7964


Christian Eyerman

Iskon Gitnagair Farm

534 Gitnagair Road

Port Royal, PA 17083

Ph: 717-980-1158


Calob Fisher

Minehart Gap Maple
501 Windy Hill Rd. 

Sherman Dale, PA 17090

Ph: 717-210-9746

Matt Fisher

Minehart Gap Maple
30 Old Goss Lane Lewistown, PA 17044

:(717) 994-5759

Theodore Hart

20 Hidden View Lane McClure, PA 17841

Cell: 717 – 953-5871

Michelle Mihalov
& Dylan Stigerwalt

14611 Dickson St.

Guysmills, PA 16327

Ph: 814-337-2483

Jon Plasterer

Shade Stone Farm
282 Markley Lane Beaver Springs, PA. 17812


Dennis Snook

Paddy Mountain Maple
1335 Paddy Mountain Road
Millmont, PA. 17845

Ph: 570-922-1850 _ 570-412-9003

Leroy Renno​

Backlog Maple Products
251 Maple Lane

Mifflintown, PA 17059

Ph: 717-463-9100

Steve Childs

Stewartstown, PA 17363

DeElma Kline

Beaver Springs, PA 17812

Ph: 570-658-6592

Maple Tour 2024

March 2 & 3, 10 am - 5 pm

1. Paddy Mountain Maple

Located in the west end of Union County, here at Paddy Mountain Sugar Shack we strive to make the best quality syrup possible. All of our syrup except what we ship is bottled in glass so you can be sure of the product you are buying. We have approximately 400 taps with a 75/25 mix of sugar maples to red maples. Come see the process of collecting sap and boiling it down to a finished golden syrup. Complimentary waffle strips and syrup sampling available all day!

1285 Paddy Mountain Rd, Millmont, PA 17845
Dennis Snook (579) 922-1850

2. Snyder County Conservation District

Located on the Faylor Lake property owned by Snyder County, the Faylor Lake Educational Maple Exhibit will provide a chance for participants to learn about the wonders of maple production. The exhibit will have displays, demonstrational tapping area, and an opportunity to explore the many facets of the maple process. Come explore the fascinating world of maples and the beauty of the Faylor Lake property. Please use the parking area on the west side of Faylor Lake on Shale Pit Road, 0.8 mi from the intersection with Stage Road.

Shale Pit Road, Beaver Springs, PA 17812
(570) 837-3000

3. Shade Stone Farm

Experience maple syrup from tree to table at our family farm. Take a hay wagon ride to the sugar bush to observe our network of sap tubes (weather permitting). See our carbon-neutral, solar-powered sugar shack and wood-fired evaporator. Learn how sap is processed, filtered, and bottled to become delicious maple syrup. Our syrup will be available for purchase (cash or card). Parking is available next to the sugar shack for visitors with limited mobility. No pets please due to working livestock guardian dogs.

282 Markley Lane, Beaver Springs, PA 17812
Jon and Mary Plasterer (570) 392-6096

4. Minehart Gap Maple

Minehart Gap Maple extracts sap from sugar, red, and black maples tress primarily located in historic Minehart Gap along the Juniata River Valley. In  our sugarhouse, sap is processed utilizing reverse osmosis where up to 80% of the water is removed. The sap is then finished in our state-of-the-art wood-fired evaporator. meticulously filtered , our syrup is beautifully displayed in our signature glass bottles. Minehart Gap offers a variety of maple syrup-related products including cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, and bourbon-infused maple syrups, granular maple sugar, maple sugar candy, maple cotton candy, and maple lollipops, along with a variety of sizes of pure maple syrup.

30 Old Goss Lane, Lewistown, PA 17044
Matt and Kris Fisher (717) 994-5759

5. Laurel Lodge Pure Maple Syrup

Laurel Lodge Pure Maple Syrup is located in Huntingdon County, just a few minutes from Raystown Lake. the Buckwalter family began making maple syrup in 2013 starting with 40 taps and a large 40 gallon wood-fired kettle to make a dew gallons of syrup. through the years, we have expanded our process to include over 2 miles of gravity vacuum tubing, 2×4 drop flue wood-fire evaporator, RO sap concentration, filter press and steam bottling. We enjoy using technology to increase efficiency and produce the best Grade A maple syrup, which we call “God’s sweet provision”. Stop over and see the process first hand. We will have syrup, maple sugar, and maple cotton candy available for sale with samples to enjoy, along with coffee and hot chocolate.

3570 Laurel Road, James Creek, PA 16657
Judd Buckwalter (717) 371-7964

6. Mill Road Maple

Mill Road Maple is owned and operated by the Brett Ford family. We work together to gather sap from approximately 1400 taps in Fulton, Franklin, and Huntingdon counties. Our sap is then processed in our sugarhouse at our home in Fulton county. Our 4′ x 14′ evaporator will be in operation to show the process of turning fresh sap into pure maple syrup. In the surrounding woods we collect sap with buckets and a vacuum tubing system. Complimentary hot drinks and refreshments will be provided along with samples of all of our maple products. Our maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, and maple candy can be purchased in a variety of sizes and packages. We look forward meeting you.

1197 Mill Road, Harrisonville, PA 17228
Brett Ford (717) 491-3641